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Title: Beta version 1.8.4
Post by: Admin on March 29, 2013, 15:49:01
Similarity 1.8.4 build 1682 (Beta version, Updated 2013.05.05)

Download (

- New experimental image comparing algorithm (it's doesn't use cache yet)


- Image decoder is out of process too, as audio decoders, eliminates crashes on invalid image files

- Decoders can log errors too

- Sligtly reduced decoder RAM usage

- Minor fixes

- Added support of 24-bit FLAC files

- Added 4th audio algorithm, based on Precise algorithm, specially designed for files < 30sec (ex. audio samples), it doesn't cachable and doesn't optimized yet. The algorithm works automatically if file shorter 30 sec and shown in Precise tab, files with 4th algorithm compared only with files shorter 30sec.
Title: Re: Beta version 1.8.4
Post by: dksvertix on April 09, 2013, 21:51:42
Something I forgot to do, when I tried this version out: compare it to VisiPics.

So, I fed the same catalog of 4217 pictures to VP (1.31) and even if the Filter slider was set to 25% (- most bearable minimum level for VP) , it failed to find any of the 3 duplicates that Similarity did find.

Conclusion: Current Similarity CAN find more. Good job!  ;D
Title: Re: Beta version 1.8.4
Post by: chimp_spanner on May 10, 2013, 11:42:35
Hey! I just tried this out on files of anything from 1 second to 4/8 bar loops as I originally intended to use Similarity with and so far, so good! It works fantastic. Look forward to trying out the finished version.