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Title: Switching max(abs) and tags
Post by: vit on February 26, 2014, 00:46:49
Hello and thanks for the really great program.

In case you've out of ideas how to make your program even better please find below my humble suggestions:

1. Add an ability to disable max(abs) value in calculation of mp3 files quality. Reason: a lot of files which are perfectly fine but have low max(abs) value are receiving poor rating. For mp3 format "loudness" of the file is just "global gain" field of the frame. So, low value meaning that file sounds "quieter", no info loss (in contrary with flac - where we'd better to continue use all 16bits). To check this one can play with mp3gain utility.

2. Add an ability to select exact tags to be included in similarity search (ignore "Album" for example). It's useful to find duplicates in collection of one artist but with doubles in regular album and "the best of...". Also add/remove data from file name itself in decision.

3. This one might need to go to "bugs" section, but I've got no robust info: looks like sometimes mp3 file gets rating of 100% despite that it was made by myself from "mediocre" flac file. The difference can be seen in "Max Freq" column.

Thank again for the really useful tool,
Title: Re: Switching max(abs) and tags
Post by: Admin on March 04, 2014, 15:06:24
1. We think about that.
2. Did you try "Tags restriction" in Options, maybe it can help ?
3. Can you send such file to us.
Title: Re: Switching max(abs) and tags
Post by: vit on March 19, 2014, 04:03:44
2. My understanding is that "tags restrictions" is an opposite of what I'm asking. Let me explain with an example. We've got three tracks grouped with tags:

Track1: Artist: "Demis Roussos", Title: "Lament", Album: "Demis"
Track2: Artist: "Demis Roussos", Title: "Lament", Album: "The phenomenon 1968 - 1998 (Disc 2)"
Track3: Artist: "Demis Roussos", Title: "La mer", Album: "The phenomenon 1968 - 1998 (Disc 2)"

%tags reported as 79.6%, 79.6%, 70.8%.

Sure, %tags detected that Track1 and Track2 might be the same, but it also reports track3 as "false positive" with value 70.8%. The only way to fix this is to set "tags threshold" to something between 70.8%-79.6%. But I"ll miss future possible pairs indeed.
I can't find the way to resolve that by using "tags restrictions" feature. To sum up: I'd like to see flag with something like [disable "Album" tag] in calculation, etc.

3. Here is attached flac file with rating of 75.1%. Please convert it to mp3 (I converted it in foobar by lame, 320cbr) to get 100% quality. (

Title: Re: Switching max(abs) and tags
Post by: Admin on March 25, 2014, 20:39:30
about 3, we checked your file, Similarity max. freq. finding algorithm doesn't perfect sometimes it can show error values, in this case, it's shows error on FLAC file (not MP3), because FLAC spectrum has very smoth curve. We try to change it in future.
Title: Re: Switching max(abs) and tags
Post by: vit on April 04, 2014, 06:40:49
Good, thank you again.