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Title: No duplicate if ID3-tag 'title' does not match
Post by: sherlock on May 30, 2012, 10:58:52

I found a strange problem with finding duplicates of mp3 files.
To verify that it is a bug I did the following:
It seems that the "title" tag must be 100% identical to find a duplicate even if I switch off the "TAG"-comparisation.
If in one file the "title" is completely empty - the duplicate is found.
The other tag-fields do not matter. It is only the "title" field.

In short: if "title" field is filled it has to be 100% identical, otherwise a duplicate is not found (even if the file is 100% content-identical).

This is a bit srange because normally the program even finds duplicates when one file is an MP3 and the other is a video (with the same audio-track).

I hope you can reproduce this and find a fix for it.
(I use version 1.7.1)
Title: Re: No duplicate if ID3-tag 'title' does not match
Post by: Admin on May 31, 2012, 17:43:57
Just checked, did't find such problem, see screenshots before and after tag editing.
How do you edit tags, from Similarity or other program ? Do you enabled extra tags comparing config (small icon in Options, see attachment) ?
Can you send this 2 files to us.

Title: Re: No duplicate if ID3-tag 'title' does not match
Post by: sherlock on June 04, 2012, 08:28:04
Ah - I didn't notice this small icon as it looks like it was greyed-out.
Maybe I set this values earlier and forgot about it.

Ok. Checking this extra options I saw that the value for "Continue if <title> matches" was set to 100%.
Setting it to 80% did the job.
So maybe if you want to reproduce, try setting this to 100% too.

But that means I did mistake this option. I thought it means that if already the title matches x% no further check is done and the file is marked as duplicate. Otherwise the other checks should take place. This is obviously not the case.
It seems this is a mandatory check, meaning that if title does NOT match the given value the file is NOT considered duplicate and NO further checks are done.
I don't know if it was intented like this?

(Btw. I edit tags with Mp3Tag, I have the effect with every MP3 file, not a special one)