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Title: The Most Exciting Thing This Week!
Post by: StanleyTweedle on June 21, 2009, 00:15:59
It looks like i'm out-of-the loop! Wow! I can't believe I've missed learning of this NEWEST RELEASE [ 0.9 , build 310 , at time of writing ] of the Best Ever Mp3 Duplicate Detection Software, SIMILARITY. Oh well. Perhaps, it makes it all the more exciting, that i might expect even more refinement in the product. (There's an American saying: "Don't Count Your Chickens, Until They Hatch [before they've hatched]"), but I'm confident I'll be pleased with this release.

What am i waiting for! Heading off to the grocery (what?? what the hell does that have to do w/ music, right?) -- SO-- it's the best time to run Similarity-- while i'm not here. :-)

I've got all the Mp3's already as neatly organized in folders, so Similarity can slice it up really fine (i'm hoping) let's analogize: it's like taking a shower before going to see the physician-- i'm all nice and fresh, squeaky-clean down there! hehehe.... hey, i'm not all just dry B.S. i'm actually pretty insane, probably. hehe... but the Mp3's are ready for Similarity: that's the point.

Later! Will definitly come back to report my abuse, i mean use of this great mp3 library organization tool.

Rock on, peoples. Rock-on!
Title: The Most Exciting Thing This Week!
Post by: StanleyTweedle on June 21, 2009, 00:23:10
... NOTE:
regarding "getting mp3's ready"

Similarity does NOT require such activity. A Large part of the whole point of similarity is to let it arrange a library-- through removal of duplicates-- after all. I'm just excited (not to mention, probably All hopped-up on Goofballs, as some say...). pay me no mind. oh yes-- the grocery!   ...Vrrrrooomm!!!....

 (This is just me having anal-retentive neurosis problems, according to Siegmund Freud {spelling?}, right? [i.e. being fussy about the arrangement of things, in a particular manner to satisfy one's own {Freudian} Ego])