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Thank you for your respond.
I update to new Version 1.3.4. and now it works, some kind of Uri Geller. ;)
State is showing:
Working (low)

Thank you for the Update and solving Issue.
Did exist some kind of Donation Option?

Hi Admin, thank you for your respond, but I can't connect.

I click to "Network (beta)" tab and new Windows open.
I tick "Participate in beta testing" and click "OK".
Noting happens.
State js always "Disconnected".
In Tools>Options>Network tab I tick only the "Login at start".
Do I made something wrong?
Thank you in advance for a answer.

Hi to all
I'm new here and I would like to test this special app.

I need to know how to configure for Network function.
Do I need to forward ports?
[I'm behind a stateful firewall. ;)]
Where is the Login?
How I create the Login?

In the Help I find this text:
"Some features of Similarity depends on connection with Similarity server. To use them you must be logged in, registration is free of charge, just check participate checkbox and press OK (all registration automated)."
After clicking button OK, nothing happens.
State is always "disconnected".
And I can't tick function: "Enable experimental algorithm (very slow)"

Thank you in advance for any help.

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