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General / Missing Tool bar buttons?
« on: January 17, 2013, 18:47:29 »
Under your Help files, there are 4 different icons showns which are not displayed under my copy of Similarity.  I purchased the premium 3 year unlimmited version this morning.  Under the Tool Bar - with the "Start Scanning button", I have this.  "Start Scanning".  "Pause".  "Stop".  And "Options" buttons.  Your help files show a button next to "Stop" that looks like "notes", then another next to that, unlcear what it would be, and one more not shown under mine.  Then there's the options button, and followed by a blue exclamation point.  I've dug around where I can to see if I can turn them on - to no avail.. 

What are the 4 extra buttons not displayed under your top paid premium variant?


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