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General / Re: How to scan files placed on NAS?
« on: March 14, 2016, 13:39:09 »
I have similar issue

I have my Samba NAS folders mapped to the Drive Letters, Some of the SubFolders on those drives are Logical folders [Hard links] (eg. entire partition mapped to the Folder on another drive) these folders are not visible in the Similarity Folder List.


As much as scripting is a cool feature and allows for a wide variety of manipulation and automation with the compared content, this will not help with the actual selection of 'what to do' with the content while its being selected as this requires GUI for it.

I have multiple Audio libraries coming from variety sources, a lot of them have better or worse quality songs, some tracks are to be removed (coz I might not like them) but some should replace the files in another library (kind of a 'quality synchronisation') sometimes from first one to the second one, sometimes other way around.

Right now the selection is just a selection, but right now you cannot decide of what to do with the selected files during the selection time... so to accomplish the above I need to do a comparison 2 or 3 times, and use scripts for a separate 'actions' and go through the list of all similar songs 3 times... if the list contains 1000 similarities... this is a hell of a waste of time. 

Allowing users to do scripting is a good think, I can do that... but not everyone is a coder, if you would like to get more customers to buy your software (which is awesome by the way), you should consider doing these 'features' more user friendly... and I'm afraid that scripting is not the way to do it (unless you will create those scripts for them)


I kinda like the internal player, although Keyboard functions do not work until you actually jump into the 'player window' FF and REW should work even if the focus is on the main window, right now the main window is being scrolled left/right with the keyboard (maybe try to take control over Shift+Right/left key map)


By 'Unique marking' I meant a 'GUI visible Information' that the File is an 'exact' Duplicate of another file, 2 different files can be 100% similar even if they are not the exact duplicates.


PS. What about:

+ Decoding Error Count - To see how many data errors have been found in the file, (this is useful to see if you have some corrupted files in the library eg. I might have a secondary music file with a bit worse quality, but without any errors behind the first 'compared' portion of the music)
+ Something like 'easy ending' to see if the music was 'chopped off' or if it have finished properly

I understand, that you're not 'decoding' the entire file because of an 'performance' impact, but hey... if I want the 'analyse' to take a week, why not allow me to do that?

Wishlist / More functionalities for found duplicates, and other 'Wishes'
« on: September 10, 2015, 11:42:12 »
Option to 'replace' the copies with the 'best' quality file or Hard Link / Symlink    (to synchronise best quality music on other devices/folders)

Adding an 'multi selection' checkbox of 'what to do' would probably be the best way to do it (something like the 'folder synchronisation checkboxes' in Total commander):

For Example:

- Delete
- Replace the Content (Keeping the filename)
- Replace the file (delete the file and copy with the same name as the 'selected' one unless it's the same directory)
- Replace by Symlink
- Origin file (the file to be used)
- not selected

Some 'unique' marking of 'exact' duplicates (instead of 100%) would be usefull (eg. Colored icons for exact files)

Additional Tabs:

+ Decoding Error Count - To see how many data errors have been found in the file
+ Something like 'easy ending' to see if the music was 'chopped off' or if it have finished properly. (not sure if this is even possible)

Ability to play the file in the external player instead of internal one


FF/Rew with the arrow keys in the internal player when it's not focused on.

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