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Bugs / Won't find doubles
« on: August 02, 2009, 13:57:25 »
Dear GAR-Team,

first let me say, that i find the idea of Similarity awesome and that you decided to let it be freeware is very generous of you. And for my Buddy it works great already.

But i, on my pc, get a problem.

I am Using: WinXP SP3 (German), Similarity 0.9.330, Options: tag and content, 75%

Wen i select a Folder with about 240 MP3s with some doubles in (i am sure they are the same songs, but named and tagged different) Similarity find no doubles at all. The results tab is empty after the scan.

The statusbar counts back from 240 to zero and shows after the scan e.g. 6/6 and Cache: 2 or sth. like that. But results tab is empty, as said before.

What makes me think, that there is sth. going wrong is, that the scan runs like hell. It takes only 4-5 seconds to complete the scan for all 140 MP3s. My buddy told me, that on his pc the scan takes about 0,5-1 second PER FILE. So that looks that the scan do nothing at all.

Sometimes (let the scan run multiple times) the result tab contains 1 or 2 findings though. And this result count raises every time i run the scan again and again.

I dont know whats going wrong on my pc. And i dont know either what information i can give you more to trackdown the problem.

If you need more information, please dont hesitate to contact me. I'll be glad to help wherever i can (testing, debugging, whatever).

TIA for an early reply


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