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I notice the tag filter does not work very well because it forces you to account for all tags. This kills the results when any individual tag is missing even if the title of the song is fairly close.

There are situations where it is much better if you ask for a 100% artist or album match and then a fuzzy title match. You could still average your tags criteria into 1 single % rating as you obviously aren't going to make 3 extra result columns.

General / Grouping function won't work... "Group (no connection)"
« on: September 01, 2010, 14:29:14 »
When you right click folders to group it will say "Group (no connection)" in hollowed out text. Why is this?

I deleted the install folder and the application data folder where cache and etc. are stored.

Somehow it knows what I had selected as folders previously, even though these 2 file areas are deleted and reinstalled. Something else is out there.

Many programs have the option to find the file on disk, but usually they automatically highlight the file when the folder is opened.

General / Several questions about similarity
« on: May 19, 2010, 09:45:23 »
First of all, thank you for a great free program.. I have 50,000+ MP3s and many, many dupes. This program is doing a great job at finding them and not crashing or eating up memory (198,400 results at 63.8% completion, 2 days run time).

1. What do the Cache: and the "New: x/x" numbers represent? For example, Cache: 35,278, New: 32,141/50,193? I am a little confused, because the completion percentage has swayed back and forth.

2. I know there is clear cache button but I don't know the consequences or purpose of doing it? Does it help the search go faster next time if I closed similarity? I know I cannot currently save my result list so that is disturbing since this is a very long number crunching process, I just hope it doesn't crash!

3. In options there is a sensitivity option to content and tags. Currently it is set at .75 each, yet on each result I have many songs with content % matches of less than 1% or something unnecessary like 20%. Are these going to be purged at the end of the result processing? If so, if you change sensitivity settings during result computation will it use the new value at the end?

Some of these questions I could probably answer through my own experimentation with a small file set, but Similarity cannot be opened twice as it cannot access the cache that is in use. I figure that if I attempt another search on the 2nd opened similarity it will erase the cache or something and mess up my 2 day+ search? I just got a little trigger happy on using the program before completely understanding it.

Untabbing grouped results: I compare directories because some MP3s I have are already in approved folders and they will be the ones I save when I choose between duplicates.

I understand results under the bold heading of each group are tabbed for organization and to avoid confusion. However, the directories are a major part of my decision of which file to keep, just as much as content%, tag%, artist tag, title tag, bitrate, etc. and it is easier to compare directories when they are all aligned. The alternating color scheme between the groups and the bold headings would still be satisfactory in organizing the results.

Another solution would be to have an option to give preference to certain folders as the bold results, although this is much more difficult feature to provide.

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