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Bugs / Open CL and content (precise)
« on: March 02, 2012, 01:54:11 »
I have a large mp3 collection (more than 100,000 mp3s). When I use content (precise) at 70% the program almost stalls when it goes over 15,000 files. It becomes extremely slow even though I have an i7-2600k.

The other question/problem is the video card acceleration. My card is a HD5870 Vapor-X. It shows in the OpenCL window as AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing - Cypress. What happens is I don't notice any difference in speed with or without it activated.

Wishlist / New key
« on: February 29, 2012, 20:11:21 »
I've just registered the premium version, because the program is worth it. Now I'm missing a key when I'm going over the duplicate files. Now there's the shortcut Ctrl+B, which opens a folder, but I miss a key that will open the folder and select the file within that folder. Ctrl+B is useful, but if you have 300 mp3s within that folder, you have to waste time looking for the specific mp3.

How about Shift+Enter to open a folder and select the file? (The same you would get if you chose windows explorer as the default program for mp3 files)

Wishlist / Empty line between repeated files in playlist
« on: December 13, 2011, 20:35:44 »
Could you add an option to "save playlist" so that instead of having all the paths one after the other, you have an empty line between identical mp3s?

Not this:

4 repeated mp3s
3 repeated mp3s
2 repeated mp3s

This is what I would like

4 repeated mp3s
3 repeated mp3s
2 repeated mp3s

Wishlist / show duplicate folders/CDs
« on: July 24, 2011, 23:43:02 »
Your program is really useful but I'm missing something. I'm trying to merge two huge collections of mp3's (120,000 audio files) and there are a lot of folders containing albums/cds that are duplicated. So what I'd like to have is a function that can point at duplicate folders. I mean, I would like the program to show me the duplicate audio files as it does now and an option to show whole duplicate folders (as fas as audio files is concerned). Example:

I have this folder:

Q:\MUSIC\POP-ROCK\Boston {1997} Greatest hits

containing this:

01__Boston__Tell me.mp3
02__Boston__Higher power.mp3
03__Boston__More than a feeling.mp3
04__Boston__Peace of mind.mp3

Another one:

F:\Boston - Greatest hits

Containing this:

Tell me.mp3
Higher power.mp3
More than a feeling.mp3
Peace of mind.mp3

It would be nice to have a checkbox called show duplicate folders so that instead of seeing the duplicate mp3s I could see the folders containing the same mp3s like this:

Q:\MUSIC\POP-ROCK\Boston {1997} Greatest hits
F:\Boston - Greatest hits

That way I can open the explorer pressing Ctrl+B and see both and decide which one to delete. This would really speed up my work. It would also be good to have a tolerance bar in case one or two mp3s are missing in one of the folders, I mean, something like the folders have a 90%, 80%... of audio files in common.

I hope you decide to implement it. Thanks for such a good tool.

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