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General / Quality analysis / Tag editor / Cache
« on: February 19, 2013, 16:08:52 »
Hi. Recently read a review about Similarity, can't remeber where, and decided to give it a try. I like it :D
Well, i didn't post just to tell you i like your app. I have a few questions, especially regarding the unusual but highly appreciated quality analysis feature, the built-in tag editor and the "cache".

Quality analysis
  • How is clipping calculated? I have some audio tracks with very high clipping value (up to 211119) even thought i ripped them myself from an original CD, using DBPowerAMP CD ripper (often considdered a very good and secure ripper), verified them against AccurateRip, and encoded in flac. All my tracks are scanned using ReplayGain but as they are flac, the normalization is stored in tags and the file is not modified. Is it possible that the clipping detecor might have troubles with replay-gain or are those tracks poor victimes of the loudness war :o
  • I havn't seen anythin about "click" in the analysis article on this site? How many clicks are considered "harmless" I have a track with 1081 clicks, but that one is a downloaded mp3 (perfectly legal as i it comes directly from the band) Actually all of my high clicks tracks are mp3.
  • Are there some values that give best results most of the time for the fft settings in spectro and sonogram? I understand the spectros and sonograms, but not being a mathematician, i have no idea how the fft works, and so i can only try different values and see what happens. So far i havn't seen anything different testing different values. One might think that higher values will be better, but that's not always true

Tag editor
  • Is there a way to record the analysis values inside tags using the tag editor. I don't see it appear when i'm on the analysis tab.

  • Currently, i must empty the cache if i want to change groups settings. Is it the intended behaviour or a bug? It's annoying cause each time i must restart the scan or the analysis. Is there a way to backup/restore the cache?

Misc : Is it possible to run the analysis only on some tracks, and pass those tracks from another application (using command line, or exporting/importing a txt or csv file or something)? I would like to store data about tracks quality in tags, but then if i ever add new tracks, i would like to be able to simply search for tracks without quality tags using foobar2000 and scan them using similarity, rather than rescann everything.

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