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General / Open CL 1 kernel ?
« on: August 09, 2013, 16:26:32 »
Hi there,

did today my benchmarking with different work group sizes and am now a bit confused:

1. workgroup size has absolutly no impact  on the cpu's result: it's always at 624ms
2. Although the benchmark reports that only 1 core should be used, I can see in the taks manager that all my 6 cores are working at 100%

The GPU's benchmark results differ due to work group size, but the best result I got with work group size 2 : 1965 ms, the worst with 12433ms - 1024 workgroup size

I have an AMD Phenom IIX6 and a AMD Radeon 6800 GPU on an Asus M5A99x R2.0 Mobo

So how should I interpret this result ? Is the Gpu better because the CPU's result was created by all 6 cores or ?

TIA, Joe

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