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Wishlist / Option for duplicates to share position in player
« on: March 19, 2014, 06:44:40 »
Apologies if this is already possible, I can't find such a feature.

I could really use an option, for the built in player, to share the position with duplicate songs. So if I have two songs showing as duplicates, I can double click song A, and while it plays, double click song B which would start playing where song A left off. Would make comparing two songs much easier as I could skip to key sections and swap between songs to hear if they are infact the same (my collection is all EBM, and including remixes and instrumentals, it's common for songs to show as very similar when infact there are differences that would be easy to hear if I could listen to each song at the same position). In some cases, it may be that I have two identical songs that just happened to be encoded differently, being able to swap between would make comparing audio quality much easier as well.

Along the same lines, and taking it a step further, some songs I get are infact the same song, but the whole waveform is shifted (perhaps there's a longer intro but the song is otherwise the same) which would make them not sync up at the same positions in the song. If there was an additional option that could take duplicates, and attempt to shift the waveforms so they overlap in the player, it would help a ton with songs that really are the same but one simply has an extra 30 second gap at the beginning for whatever reason.

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