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IMO, one possible solution to this problem could be to allow the user to specify two different source groups.

Currently, you can specify as many folders as you wish, but they are all included in the same group, and all files are checked against each other.  With two different source groups of folders, you could consider that group 1 must NEVER be touched, and group 2 contains potential dupes of files in group 1.  So, it would be easy to list the files in group 1 as the headers (with no similarity percentages), and beneath them, the files of group 2 only.

File 1 of group 1
- File N1 of group 2 - 100%
- File N2 of group 2 - 80%
File 2 of group 1
- File N3 of group 2 - 90%

Since File N1 of group 2 is in group 2, it will not be listed as a header file, and similarly, the files of group 1 will never be listed as potential dupes.

(That method is supported by Audio Comparer, and I like it.  But AC is not a good product, it is extremely slow, it misses most similar files, and it is not free.)

Of course, it is still necessary to support the current method, to find similarities within a single group.  In that case, perhaps a good improvement would be to highlight the files that have already been listed above in the list in a different color.

Wishlist / Scan a folder and compare it with the whole library
« on: February 25, 2010, 23:26:35 »
Thanks very much!

BTW, I have scanned my whole library (about 20000 tracks), with the experimental scan enabled, and Similarity did the job very well.  It took a long time, but it has finished without any error.  Phelix crashed after one hour or so with an out of memory error, and Audio Comparer froze at the end of the scan!  Once again, the free tool is better!  Thanks again!

Wishlist / Scan a folder and compare it with the whole library
« on: February 24, 2010, 16:00:40 »
Hi!  I've just discovered your wonderful program, and I like it very much.  However, IMO, an important feature is missing.  It should be possible to scan a folder (for example containing a new album) and to compare it with the (already scanned) rest of the library, without displaying the dupes in the library itself.

The goal is to quickly analyse if the folder you are about to add to your library contains dupes already present in the library.  For example, this feature could be very useful when you add a "best of" compilation but you have already the complete collection of the same artist.  Similarity could easily detect all dupes and the user will be able to keep only the "previously unreleased" songs from the compilation.

Also, I would like to be able to call Similarity from the command line, to tell it to scan the folder or a single song, and to compare it with the library.  That way, Similarity will be easily integrated with any good player such as Foobar2000 (via its "run service" plugin).  I suggest a syntax such as:
similarity.exe /scan "folder_or_song" /library "base_library_folder"

Anyway, your program is already extremely useful.  Keep up the good work!

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