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Wishlist / Re: Tag Merging
« on: April 18, 2013, 16:39:12 »
just a proposal on this matter.
Add an additional column in the "results: audio" view which is indicating the "master tag" of a group. By default this should be empty. If one of the files of a group is selected then on the processing the others will receive the tags from this file (even if it is about to be deleted).

General / Re: Marking lost after restart
« on: April 18, 2013, 16:32:52 »
the story is simple.  I have a few thousand duplicates but no time to do them all in one session (unless I keep the PC and the Similarity running for some days). What I do is.
1) I set my priorty list and let the automatic marking do a proposal
2) I check all proposals manually and override where necessary the proposal.
3) As I'm done I delete the marked ones.

If there are too many duplicates to do in one session I like to either accept the delete the already reviewed files or continue on the next day.

Variant A - Accept the reviewed markings and delete them. To do so I need to unmark the ones which are not reviewed. This is not possible as the Unmark function removes ALL markings not only the ones from the selected files. Using the "SPACE" just toggles the marking. So I would need to manually select the not reviewed ones which are automarked --> not feasable

Variant B - Save the markings and continue the next day. Delete as all are reviewed.

So really there are two functions missing:
- save the markings from session to session
- provide a function to unmark all selected files


General / Marking lost after restart
« on: April 16, 2013, 20:09:34 »
Trying to run through a duplicates list with some thousand duplicates is a job I'd like to split over several sessions (some days).

Each time I shut down Similarity and restart all my markings are lost.
If I save and open a session then all I get is the list with duplicates but all markings are lost. Is this a bug or missing in the implementation.

I'm using premium v.1.8.3 x64 b1663
Win 7 x64 (CPU, RAM and HD have high performance)
Collection size ~80.000
Duplicates ~2.500

Any ideas. Help would be appreciated (even a workaround).

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