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This app is more difficult than it should. it went through the scanning and it found duplicated. No straightforward option to delete the duplicates in one shot. Certainly I am not going to delete each file manually. Then I read part of the manual to see how to delete the files. Complicated. Give me a button to just delete the dups without making me think hard and read the manual. Manual says do an analysis. Now the analysis is going through all the files again. Thousands of them. Arrgghh. Why??? It's taking alot of time.

Manual says higher ratings means higher quality. No definition what higher quality means? Higher bit rate? WHAT?? Don't assume all your users are experts in MP3 technology.

Anyway, this app is not easy to use and I am impatient to read the whole manual. Time to uninstall and use another competitor. What's annoying is that this app is a few years old and it's still clunky. Wasn't this app open source in Source Forge way back? Make the software dead simple to use. Find the dups and offer to delete the dups and keep one of each. Don't bury the user in too many options.

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