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Bugs / Not finding copies
« on: April 17, 2013, 19:21:21 »
Hey all! I have already sent a support request but I thought I would get some help from the forums as well. Here is my problem:

I'm working with several WAV files containing musical loops. There are some instances where they might be labelled differently, but contain exactly the same musical information. For example:

"Verse_Drums_128.wav" could be identical to "Chorus_Drums_128.wav", but slightly different from "Bridge_Drums_128.wav" which might have the same drum beat but contain a fill or variation at the end. What I need to do is keep only the loops which are musically/rhythmically unique and discard any duplicates. These are files made using software instruments, so if they're identical...they really are identical!

I bought Similarity Premium hoping that the Precise algorithm would allow me to do this. However, I can't even get it to spot a duplicate if I simply make a copy of one of the drum loop files by using CTRL+C and then CTRL+V.

If I run a duplicate check on another folder, such as my Music Library, then it works. Is it because the WAV files I'm working with are too short?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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