Author Topic: Program won't complete, slows then crashes or stops.  (Read 18667 times)

Bob Clark

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I purchased Similarity and have not yet seen it complete a sort. It starts fine, then slows as it reaches a higher percentage completed, then crashes or stops. The program will scan for weeks, getting slower and slower. I've been logging the percentage done and found the percentage completed may decrease the next day.
I'd sure like this program to work.



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Re: Program won't complete, slows then crashes or stops.
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2013, 22:39:57 »
1) If you have huge amount of files (>50000) use 64-bit version and read Tutorial, specially part 3
2) Try latest beta version, it has out of process image decoder and can process curropted image files, also you can disable image comparing almost in Options.
3) Send us logs from "%appdata%\Similaity\logs" folder (enter in Explorer) to support email and any crash files *.dmp from "%appdata%\Similaity" folder.