Author Topic: My Wish is to make this app USABLE by mere mortals  (Read 7141 times)


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My Wish is to make this app USABLE by mere mortals
« on: August 19, 2013, 12:20:11 »
I'm a fairly smart guy who knows his way around computers and digital media, having worked for one of the biggest companies in the IT industry for over 18 years. I find this app very hard to understand.

In practical terms, what is the difference between 50% and 60% in "Tags" match, or "precision"? Many of these settings are meaningless to a user so it is impossible to figure out which knobs to turn to get the results you desire...

I suggest that you need a BASIC mode which has only a few basic settings... maybe a few questions that the user can answer to give an indication of their preferences or priorities in removing tags. For instance, I want ONE copy of every individual recording of a song... one studio version, one copy of each live version if there are multiple DIFFERNET live recordings of the same song... Just no DUPLICATES of the same recording.

And, of course, I want to keep the highest bitrate version of that single copy if I have more than one.

Third, all else being equal, I would prefer to keep the one tagged with the album info, as opposed to a "Best of" or other compilation album.

It really seems pretty simple to me, but I can't figure out the settings to get that result for the life of me. I've been playing with this app for about 6 hours now reading tutorials and faqs.

It REALLY shouldn't  be this hard.