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Beta version 1.9.0
« on: September 09, 2013, 20:23:08 »
Similarity 1.9.0 build 1760 (Updated 04.11.2013)

Download (32/64-bit Windows)
Download (Mac OSX)

  • Integrated audio player added, can play simulationesly several files.
    To create new player (rather then replace current playing file in current) you need hold down Ctr key and double click or Enter on file (you can also select "Play" in context menu).
    You can configurate playing devices in Option dialog - Mscellanious tab.

  • Updated experimental image comparing algorithm, it can find flipped/mirrored images
  • New flat grouping mode

    Files grouped in flat mode by Base File (first file in pair) - File (second file in pair). Example:
    Flat mode:

    Files grouped in Normal mode by Super group (smart group) - Base File (first file in pair) - File (second file in pair, always collapsed). This mode is default. Example:
    Normal Mode:

    To switch to flat mode, you need enable checkbox in Options (you can enable/disable it anytime).

  • New real-time autosave feature introduced, all results in tabs instantly saved to disk in "journal" mode (every step saved, even deletes, renaming, etc) This is prevent any loses if system shutdown or program killed forcefully. Autosave works in Premium version only.
  • Decoder auto-shutdown feature. After 30 sec all inactive decoder processes will shutdown, releasing all allocated resources
  • New image preview control (speed improvements, some fixes)

  • New sortable fields in analysis tab (artist, album and title from tags), they doesn't shown by default, you need check them in context menu of tab view header. Added "true" numeric bitrate in "Step" field.

  • Defaults button in Options - restores default settings of current tab

  • Optimized all comparing algorithms
  • Many fixes
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