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Version 1.9.0 released


Download 32-bit version

Download 64-bit version

Changes list:

* Integrated audio player added, can play simulationesly several files.
To create additional player (rather then use opened) you need hold down Ctr key and double click or Enter on file (you can also select "Play" in context menu). To move play position in all players simultaneously hold Ctrl key. To change audio playing device use Option dialog - Miscellaneous tab.

* Updated experimental image comparing algorithm, it can find flipped/mirrored images

* New flat grouping mode

Files grouped in flat mode by Base File (first file in pair) - File (second file in pair). Example:
Flat mode:

Files grouped in Normal mode by Super group (smart group) - Base File (first file in pair) - File (second file in pair, always collapsed). This mode is default. Example:
Normal Mode:

To switch to flat mode, you need enable checkbox in Options (you can enable/disable it anytime).

* New real-time autosave feature introduced, all results in tabs instantly saved to disk in "journal" mode (every step saved, even deletes, renaming, etc) This is prevent any loses if system shutdown or program killed forcefully. Autosave works in Premium version only.
* Decoder auto-shutdown feature. After 30 sec all inactive decoder processes will shutdown, releasing all allocated resources
* New image preview control (speed improvements and fixes)

* New sortable fields in analysis tab (artist, album and title from tags), they doesn't shown by default, you need check them in context menu of tab view header. Added "true" numeric bitrate in "Step" field.

* All sorting fields saved on exit and restored on start.
* Defaults button in Options - restores default settings of current tab

* Optimized all comparing algorithms
* Minor fixes

After upgrading from 1.9.0 beta i receive many of those errormessages when i press "find duplicates"
(see image attached)

i use the 64-bit version. the similarity executable was called Similarity64.exe before, now it's just Similarity.exe even for the 64-bit version.
My link in taskbar still pointed to the (after upgrade still present) Similarity64.exe which called the newer Decoder.exe, hence the errormessage.

It is fixed now, just wanted to post if someone ran into the same problem

It seems you sometime copied beta version into original Similarity path (which your installed with installer) (beta version has 2 exe Similarity.exe (32bit) and Similarity64.exe (64bit)), and after new install you started old version Similarity64.exe via link (new Decoder.exe incomparable with old Similarity version).
Installer versions always use "Similarity.exe" file name, 32-bit and 64-bit versions installed into different locations "Programs Files" and "Program Files (x86)".

New image preview control (speed improvements and fixes)

How do you activate this please?

Thank you so much for the "New flat grouping mode"! You are so listening to your client's feedback  :)


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