Author Topic: If I reboot will I lose the results of a Similarity (free V.) scan?  (Read 3358 times)


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Hi y'all, I hope I am not violating an ethical standard by posting to this forum after sending the same question to Similarity support.
I ran Similarity against a huge (251 GB) folder that holds all my music. It ran for a long time and concluded. I would like very much to reboot my system but want to know first if I can do that and RETAIN the results of the Similarity scan of my music folder. Can I do that? How should I prepare to reboot? Thank you for your help, Don


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If you use free version your lost all your results, only Premium version have realtime autosave feature and manual save functional. In you situation next scan will be much faster because Similarity effectively uses caches, and doesn't decode already processed files.