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Beta version 1.9.1


Similarity 1.9.1 build 1840 (Updated 2014.05.03)

Download (32/64-bit Windows)

* User can setup fonts and grid colors in results views, Options dialog - Display tab

* Added Folder, Filename fields to each tab, added all analysis fields to audio duplicates tab

* Added support for 8bit audio files
* Added possibility to process corrupted WAV files
* New configuration storing mechanism, fixes issues with Windows 8 and access rights of Administrator
* Spectrogram can show values over mouse cursor

* Program remember last used folder for move operation
* Case sensitivity fix for extensions (previous versions skipped files without lowercase extension for some decoders)
* Automark automatically disables unused algorithms (you can't enable them because they absent, it's logical), fixes some oddity

* You can send files and folders to analyze directly from context menu in Folders tab, without selecting them and starting scan

* Redesigned list views in result tabs. You can now replace first field, fixed issues with sorting mark and new flat mode design

* Extended format parsing algorithm (format field in audio tabs)
* All file operations are logged (Move, Delete, Swap). Logs location "%appdata%\Similarity\logs" folder (enter in Explorer).
* Added "Inver marked seection" item in context menus
* Returned "Minimize to tray" option in Miscellanious tab - Options dialog
* Some minor fixes

Here is something I just noticed (and that it's also present with the latest stable version):

For audio comparison methods I disabled "tags" and set content and precise to 98%, when the scan finishes it display files that have the precise below 98%, is it normal?

I'm attaching two screenshots, one for the settings and the second one for the results


Duplicate scanning uses OR scheme, that means in your case (content >= 98% OR precise >= 98%) only one of them need to satisfy to show in results
Don't confuse with Auto-marking dialog it uses AND scheme, example with same thresholds will be (content >= 98% AND precise >= 98%), both must satisfy to mark


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