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Version 1.9.1 released (Mac)


Download (Mac OSX)

Changes list:

* Changed visual view of results (more distinguishable groups)

* New toolbar, you can select Similarity mode (search duplicates/audio analysis) via popup menu

* Status bar with progress and counters

* Configurable columns in result views (context menu on columns header). Added Folder, Filename fields to each tab, added all analysis fields to audio duplicates tab.

* Automark automatically disables unused algorithms (you can't enable them because they absent, it's logical), fixes some oddity

* Added duplicate number badge to the Dock icon and icon bouncing on scan completition

* Code signed with valid Apple approved certificate, no need more to force off GateKeeper
* Fixed issue with NFS shares (no scaning)
* Improved support for high-resolution displays (Retina)
* You can send files and folders to analyze directly from context menu in Folders tab, without selecting them and starting scan
* Added support for 8bit audio files, added possibility to process corrupted WAV files
* Extended format parsing algorithm (format field in audio tabs)
* Added "Invert marked selection" item in context menus
* Some crashes fixed
* Some minor fixes


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