Author Topic: I want to know more about the analysis  (Read 9234 times)


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I want to know more about the analysis
« on: May 12, 2014, 21:18:53 »
I read through the FAQ's and I'm still wondering what some of these numbers mean. More so, I'm looking for the general conscientious on what to avoid when looking at the quality of your music.

Rating: some of the songs I have have a rating of 70% yet I know they're good quality songs. What is a good rule of thumb when it comes to avoiding low rating songs? Where is the cut off? And why would a good quality song get a low rating?

Sample Rate: From my knowledge, anything less than 44.1 is not worth your time.

Channels: Every single one of my songs says stereo; what's the difference between stereo and mono? Any benefit to one another?

Clipping: This is one I really need more knowledge on. Some of my songs have 0 clipping while others have 15,000 plus. What's bad, whats' good, what is this telling me?

Silence: Is this just silence spots in the song?

Max/Mean(abs.): I don't even know...

Step: This is similar to bit rate I believe, pretty much all of mine say 16bit, although I thought 24bit was the standard? What's the difference and what should I look for?

Max Freq:Where is the general cut off between bad and good freq?

Clicks: Is this how many times the kick drum hits in the song orrrrr what? I know clicks by a click track.


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Re: I want to know more about the analysis
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