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Beta version 1.9.2

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Similarity 1.9.1 build 1923 (Updated 2014.10.17)

Download (32/64-bit Windows)

* Started to integrate 4rd audio comparing algorithm, specially designed for huge amount of audio files (more 100 000), doesn't included in beta version
* Added tag edition support of all audio formats (TagLib library)

* All taggers located "out of process" now, any exception doesn't impact main process stability
* Added time remaining counter

* Fixed OpenCL support for new nVidia drivers
* Fixed DirectShow video skipping
* Fixed ALAC support
* Added manual options in ini file: "DebugLog=1" - extra logging, "CachePath=c:\some_path" - cache folder location
* Minor fixes

Norton flagged beta 1.9.2 as suspicious.


--- Quote from: pm on October 05, 2014, 03:16:12 ---Norton flagged beta 1.9.2 as suspicious.

--- End quote ---
Because beta files doesn't have digital signature and didn't known yet, for Norton all such files suspicious.

one suggestion regarding the time estimatin (which I like): for big selections files and folders take quite a long time to be scanned completely. Till then the estimate makes no sense. Maybe the scan could be finished completely in the beginning..?!

I also would like to try the new method you mentioned. When do you think will you make it available to the public?


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