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Auto Mark - doesn't seem to be doing anything.


I am running the premium version of Similarity 1.9.1 1844 64 bit

I have scanned my music collection, and then run the analysis function.  Both took several hours, but completed OK.

I then used the manual mark process in the software and successfully marked and deleted a number of tracks.

I then tried to use the Automark function, and to my dismay, nothing appeared to happen.  I re-read the tutorial, to ensure that I was doing everything correctly, and I am confident that I am.  I then tried to use the Automark function again, and left it over night.

The next morning, nothing.

Has anyone else experienced this please? I think its unlikely that I am the only person to have experienced this. At just over 4000 duplicates, I can't realistically do it manually. I think I may be missing something, but I can't work out what.

Thanks in advance.

Just try to decrease sliders with thresholds or diable some algorithms in Automark dialog.

Unfortunately I have exactely the same problem as robertjg256, and the solution sugested is very very general.
I would like to have a recomendation more specific.
Regards from Spain.

Generic recommendation:
1) Don't enable tags comparing at all (in options) if you have big amount if audio files.
2) Decrease thresholds for 2 other algorithms and see results, you always can unmark all items.
3) Always set needed priority/folders/extensions.
4) New 2.0 version has javascript support, you can easily write any marking script even without deep knowledge of programming.


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