Author Topic: Tickbox Option in 'Other' for untabbing grouped results  (Read 7858 times)


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Untabbing grouped results: I compare directories because some MP3s I have are already in approved folders and they will be the ones I save when I choose between duplicates.

I understand results under the bold heading of each group are tabbed for organization and to avoid confusion. However, the directories are a major part of my decision of which file to keep, just as much as content%, tag%, artist tag, title tag, bitrate, etc. and it is easier to compare directories when they are all aligned. The alternating color scheme between the groups and the bold headings would still be satisfactory in organizing the results.

Another solution would be to have an option to give preference to certain folders as the bold results, although this is much more difficult feature to provide.


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Tickbox Option in 'Other' for untabbing grouped results
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2010, 20:02:37 »
We change some behaviour with showing groups, but after beta release.