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Deleting files: no safety question if one of the files was already deleted

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If you have deleted a file by the windows explorer after the duplicate check run of similarity and you delete the file in similarity, it's executed without asking if you're sure - that's ok.
But if you delete several files and only one of them was already deleted, all files are deleted without asking, too!!

Similarity firstly tries to delete all files by scope, if it fails it start deleting each file one by one. Similarity logs all errors in it log files (%appdata%\Similarity\logs folder). Why do you need to such specific behaviour for mass files, as I understand to skip deletion if one file fails ?

The problem is that it doesn't switch to the one-by-one mode or simply skip the deletion.
It sees one file of the multiple selected files being already deleted and somehow thinks it doesn't have to ask for the rest of the files, too.

I've got this behaviour with the latest version (1.9.2) as a registered license.

Sorry for the delay, I think the source of this problem what new version of Windows 8 and 10 has disabled confirmation dialog by default. Similarity just uses standard method to move file into trash bin and showing dialog is Windows prerogative.


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