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How to make changes in the ignores list?


Is there a way to make changes in the ignores list: un-ignore tracks or completely delete them?
The most urgent reason to ask this question NOW is that I just marked around 250 files for DELETION, but instead I clicked the wrong button and IGNORED them. What to do?
Thanks, greetings,

It just text file, located "%appdata%\Similarity" folder, you can edit it or delete entire file from Option dialog - Clear ignores list.

The ignores.list is not working properly, to my humble opinion:
1. The options dialogue says it has 165 ignored pairs but in fact there are no more than 40...
2. Some of them have NEVER been ignored by me, pix being part of that list - I do not compare pix
3. The most recently added ignore pairs are not in the list
4. When I deleted the complete list I had expected that all the previously ignored pairs would show up in the results list again, which is not the case.

Do I expect to must or do I make mistakes?
Please inform and clarify.

Do you launch Similarity in portable mode ? If so this file located in same directory as exe module.

No, I use similarity on pc only.
In the meantime I noticed that the ignores.list does not change when you ADD items, it changes and is saved once the whole scanning process has been finished and you exit similarity. That means that you can not 'undo' erroneous ignores immediately after you made them. And because it was an error it can be difficult to remember all the erroneously ignored items...


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