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Beta version 2.3.0


Similarity 2.3.0 build 2300

Download (32/64-bit Windows)

This version contains new global optimization algorithm which increase scanning speed drammatically. It's specially designed for users with collection containg more 5000 files, for smaller number of files it does has no effect, even scans slower.

On Intel I7-2600 CPU scanning 60000 audio files, previous version of Similarity with default settings took 12h 50min, new version with general optimization took 2h 32min. Also new algorithm found for 100 duplicates more, because no duration check limitation. For more files this new version scans even faster, because it's complexity is linear time, while old method complexity is squared.

You need manually enable this optimization to take effect

Scanning take 2 stages (fills percent bar two times): first indexing (no duplicates shown), second comparing (duplicates filled).

Know limitations:

* Algorithm is still in beta stage, not optimized very well.
* Algorithm cannot be continued after exit and restart of program, you need to restart it.
* Disables image comparision.
* Ignores user setting.
* Uses modified version of 'Precise' algorithm (doesn't matches with current version).
* No old content algorithm. In the content score field shown raw score of indexing algorithm (shown for debug purpose only), can be easly ignored.
And we planning to end support of Windows XP in next version. If you need such support please write us email at

Simple question: will you release this beta for OS/X also? Dealing with 100,000 files here and could do with the new algorithm!

yes we release it on Mac too, but I can't tell the exact time of release.

Super this beta version. Good job  :)

Really good job, indeed. Indexed and compared over 400,000 files in around 60 hours. Well done!

Looking forward to having the cache implemented, then I can run "new vs old" group searches super fast!

Congratulations and thank you! :)


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