Author Topic: Show start delay info to improve Radio station song files from e.g. Streamwriter  (Read 611 times)


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currently I get all my songs from radio. I use streamwriter to continuously write e.g. 40 channels (italian, frensh,top100...) to disk. Within a week you get 100.000 new songs or more.

Now, the main challange when it comes to delete duplicates is to delete files that have somebody talking at the beginning or there is another song not yet finished.

=> a new criteria that indicates the correct beginning of a song is helpful, but I am not sure if it is possible to get the information from e.g. Musicbrainz if a song starts later (because of song before) than at 0seconds. Often the song is identified properly even if it begins e.g. 20sec later.

=> an option without internet information could be (it's not done elsewere! so it could be something new): list the delay of all found matches. The file with the smallest delay could be the original (without speach at the beginning) or the file with the least disturbance.

At the end that would allow to retrieve high quality songs even from radio station recordings..