Author Topic: File Type Grouping; Include/Reject same song different file types; Type filters  (Read 7289 times)


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1.  Sometimes I want to keep the same song in different formats. 

For example, files "asdf.mp3" and "asdf.wma" are listed as duplicates.  I want a way to say that I don't consider files duplicates because they only differ in file type.

2.  I have several file types, .ape, .mp3, .wma, .m4a, etc.  I want to include just some types in the comparison. 

For example, I'm on a campaign to remove .ape and .m4a files from my collection by converting them to .wma files.  I want to remove all my .ape/.m4a files that are already converted (or very similar) to .wma so I don't have to convert them again. 

I also want to ignore all other file types (than .ape/.m4a/.wma) as they are a project for another day.

3.  Perhaps on the Folders tab, you could add a filter for
  file types to be included,
  file types to be excluded
and a check box to "compare/don't compare" differing file types.

This would solve problems 1) and 2).

4.  And while we're talking about filters, how about "<tag>" contains/omits "<text>" and/or ...
  And add a couple of fields to the list of tags, like "path", "file name", "full path".

In the interim, I'd be happy just to select based on just a partial match in the full path name.
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Good idea about configurable folders, we implement it in future.