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Another Annoyance - May be a Bug


Old Man Mike:
To the software designer:

When comparing two recordings of the same song where
recording #1 has a low max(abs) of around 0.39
recording #2 has a normal max(abs) of >0.99
the %precise will show <30%

I would recommend low max(abs) recordings be compared utilizing some sort of level normalization so that the %precise calculation will be more accurate.

By the way, it is a shame that word of this program has not spread.  You could sell so many more programs if people just knew about it.  The reason I believe this is that I looked specifically for a program like this many times for the last decade and finally stumbled on it by accident.  Perhaps such a common term as "Similarity" for the program name makes it less likely to surface during searches.  In any event, it is a very excellent program and I've been spreading the word as best I can.



Thanks, we try to improve comparing algorithm in new year, we already have developments for new comparing algorithm.


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