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Player that continues, to compare


Dear developer,
congrats for this fabulous software!
I looked in it and in the forum but didn't find my suggestion so I dare to write it.
You've added a player which is very useful. Thank you.
One thing great would be the ability (let's say a right click option) that the song continues when I double click on a duplicate (or not a duplicate !) of the song I'm already listening to. This would be more convenient than approximatively moving the cursor to find where it was previously playing. More over, it would give a perceptive confirmation of the results (or a way to choose between similar quality results).
For sure, this functionality would synchronize files in which the music doesn't start at the same moment (for example because of blanks).
All the best,

Let me add an idea to this one :
the ability to compare two songs in your headphones : on song (converted to mono) at left, the other (converted too) at right.
Indeed, when songs have different duration without being cut at the end (no obvious problem), it's difficult to compare them.

Thanks !

It's hard to implement each song can have own delays and synchronize staring point isn’t simple task, and Similarity can already play and move cursor on several players, just use Ctrl and double-click.


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