Author Topic: (1) duplicate _folders; (2) drag+drop into other application  (Read 2730 times)


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I just started to play around with and evaluate a few deduplication applications (thus far Similarity seems to be at least in top-2 if not in top-1 :-) ) so I hope I don't make a fool out of myself asking for something which is actually supported in the premium version.

(1) I wish for a grouping of duplicate folders (with an option to choose "all music matching", "all pictures matching" and both) which tells me if folder1 and folder2 contain all the same audio.
Those could e.g. be highlighted in different colour, put on top when sorted by match, or something like that.
Also an option to tell me if folder1 contains everything folder2 does (and possibly some); that could tilt the scales as of which one to keep.

(2) I would like to be able to drag files from Similarity over to an application of my choice (like if it were an Explorer window).
(E.g. a tagger like mp3tag, or an integrity verifier like audiotester.exe or a different media player.)

To push (2) further, I would like an option to drag files from Similarity where the entire folders are dumped into the other application. For example, Similarity matches and groups together file c:\folderX\song07.mp3 with c:\folderY\song06.m4a , and I drag that group over to a media player to get displayed the entire folders' contents.


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Re: (1) duplicate _folders; (2) drag+drop into other application
« Reply #1 on: February 29, 2016, 16:06:56 »
Sorry for the delay.
1) You can use folder groups for comparing exact groups (ie. new an old one)
2) We implement in future drag & drop.