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How to keep the tracks of multi-track music together?


I have a lot of classical music and musicals. Selecting the correct duplicates for deletion seems to be complicated.
Example one:
Some of the duplicates are real identical duplicates, e.g. a symphony with 4 movements, from same composer and performed by the same artists is sometimes found on various cd's. If I find these duplicates then I want to keep all the movements from one version and delete all the movements from the other version(s). How to do that. I cannot find tools to instruct the program 'keep/protect all tracks of .... '
Example two:
Some duplicates are semi-duplicates. Three versions of a complete musical or five versions of a complete piano concerto. Even if the properties of each track are not identical (different size, duration, artist), they can still be found as 'duplicates' if the threshold is met. How to avoid deleting 1 track from version 1, another track from version 2, another from version 3?



That's a regular problem I have, too.
If I really want to delete a whole folder (which usually represents a version), I do so by right clicking on one of the tracks to delete and then use "Browse..." to open the windows explorer and to delete the whole folder.
Similiarity doesn't see this deletion until you do another scan.

But be warned - there is a bug in similarity:

Sorry for the delay. New version has feature to mark all duplicates in same folder, use context menu - "Mark folder", it help you only if you compsitions located in different folders ofcourse.


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