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Clarify and expand Automatically Mark Files options


When detecting Images:
In the 'Automatically Mark Files' box under 'general' it is not clear what the keywords actually mean:
• resolution: does it mean delete or keep the highest or the lowest resolution pix?
• size: same
• folder: not clear if the folder ranking arranged in the next tab means: top folder has top priority for deletion or for keeping
• apart from that I miss an option to specify folders that should be 'protected' by a keyword, e.g. '2015' which should mean: keep all images in the directory '2015' and its subfolders. That saves a LOT of manually ranking of subfolders.
• group: not clear what this option includes.

I suggest to simply change the text of the prioritizing labels to make their contents more clear, e.g. 'keep highest resolution' or 'delete lowest resolution'

Apart from the existing prioritizing options there are two options that I dearly miss, both for images and for audio:
• filename: keep or delete files with a certain keyword/string in their filenames
• date modified: keep or delete the file that was earlier/later modified

We think about user-friendliness of auto-mark dialog.
"keep or delete files with a certain keyword/string in their filenames" easly can be solved with scripts.
date modified added in 2.1


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