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Duplikate automatisch markieren und löschen


I can select and delete duplicate files.
I have two folders, files and folders as a folder A I will arrange the group 1, folder B group 2. Now I start the search. Now I see the duplicate files. I would like to delete from group 2 and can be marked automatically. But this will not do.


Your german thread title isn't helpful for sure...

I regularly work with similarity just the way you describe. Just use the auto mark function under the menu point "Action", it will only select group 2.
Be careful though, I only autodelete files that are really 100% identical in every way, the rest I sort manually.

If it doesn't work the way I described you'd have to elaborate more in which way you try it and what the result is.


Use automark dialog and set topest priority to "Group".


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