Author Topic: Couple of nice features  (Read 7321 times)


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Couple of nice features
« on: March 26, 2011, 00:18:41 »
  • Results Pane -> Right Click -> Go to Analysis.  If you're trying to decide which version of a song to keep and you see two versions with a similar analysis rating, you'd like to get more details about what's different between them.  You then have to manually search the other list to find the item, which takes some time and is inconvenient.
  • Results Pane -> Right Click Multiple Items -> Compare Analyses.  For the same use case as above, but opens a new tabbed document (probably that comes after Network tab) that shows the detailed analysis only of the files you've selected
  • Overall Similarity Field - Should be a combination of the % content field and % tags field into a single number
  • Similarity Threshold Filter - Does not display items whose Overall Similarity (described above) is less than a certain value
  • Streamlined "Fix It" option.  Currently there is option to delete, but I would like to see this change into more of a "merge".  I'll elaborate on this more at the bottom.
  • Better support for colorblind people - When I mark / unmark items I can't tell the difference in color because I'm colorblind.  I would like to see the background change color instead of the foreground.  Leave the foreground black but change the background to yellow so it appears "highlighted" or something.

As for the "Fix It" option mentioned above, the idea is that you select multiple items in the results pane and click "Merge" instead of Delete.  A window pops up asking you with a standard list view with one entry for each item in the selected set showing a union of all parameters between the Results and Analysis window, except for the % content, % tags, and % overall fields. 

There is one entry at the top of this list view which is "special", maybe separated visually with a separator line or something.  Anyway, for the "special" line at the top, the cells of the list view are actually drop downs which contain the union of all choices for that column.  So if there are 15 entries, and among those 15 entries there are 3 unique genres, then the Genres drop down would contain those 3 entries.  Same for all the other fields.  For each of these drop downs, there should be one entry that says "New..." and one entry that says "Multiple...".  "New...
 forces new items into the drop down to be selected, and "Multiple..." brings up a window that lets you select multiple items.  Selecting multiple items would store them in an IDv3 2.4 tag that allows multiple values separated by nulls. 


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Re: Couple of nice features
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2011, 08:05:45 »
1,2 - will be added
3,4 - we think about this
5 - Do you mean special type of tag editor ?
6 - Do you know standart windows color scheme to check ?