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Ability To Add Files In A Result Session



I have a request that could allow me (and maybe others) to save a lot of time !
When not using the "Global Optimisation" option, I need more and more time to complete the process of checking my collection (now more than 2 days) since the collection increases. My request is, when the process has finish, giving the ability to add new files to the current result. Not by restarting the full process (because It would need another 2 days process) but I don't know how (with another caching function for example), by adding this files to an existing collection.
If you could think of that to improve your very usefull product !

Thank you

Maybe by using audio.queue in JavaScript, but I don’t understand how the file will be compared with all other items?

Unfortunately no, you can't change audio results with Javascript, you can mark/unmark, change tags, but nothing more. Main idea to use JavaScript on processing already scanned data, or control scanning itself (hard way).
We think about your suggestion, to save some scanning data and add new data to it.
You can always use folder groups to mark one folder as you trusted untouchable collection and new folder wit candidates for checking with your main one, see Part 2 of Tutorial:


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