Author Topic: Version 1.6.0 released  (Read 8474 times)


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Version 1.6.0 released
« on: May 28, 2011, 23:10:20 »

  • New multi-thread caching mechanism what minimize locking, improvement in speed up to 2-5 times (depends on core count)

  • Added OpenCL support. "Precise" algorithm now can calculated on your video card. OpenCL - is a framework for writing programs that execute across different platforms consisting of CPUs, GPUs, and other processors. It's support drivers for nVidia CUDA and AMD/ATI APP.

  • Detailed logs and work threads limit count options in config

    (Detailed specially designed to find problems with network and scanning process, Similarity writes to log every step of working, please, if you encounter some problems enable detailed logs and send them with your issue)

  • New translations: Danish and Brazilian Portuguese

  • New algorithm of searching max. frequency

  • New activation mechanism with online and offline activation. Premium uses should reactivate Similarity with they keys, because old activations not compatible with new.

  • Removed Network, at this time it unused, rewritten all remaining network algorithms.

  • Fixed many issues and problems

  • Fixed crashes

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