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How to scan files placed on NAS?


Hey there!

First of all - respect for making such a great app, love it even in the free trial mode, you rock!

But I have one really discouraging experience with it - I just can't scan my music collection placed on the NAS server in the lan network.
When I try to unfold the Network it shows nothing there, and when I double-click on the NAS hyperlink at the "This computer" it just opens it in the regular Explorer (BTW same happens with smartphone attached to the PC).

Would be great to be able to add for the scan folders by direct name, like


to bypass any issues with built-it network browsers.

Now I have to copy music to the local drive to scan it and manually remove duplicates in NAS, this is pretty painful.

Maybe I'm missing something or doing something wrong?

This app will definitely have a one more sale as soon as I'll be able to work with music placed on NAS.


That setting of you NAS server (ie it samba server). Can you send us to email screen shots of Similarity folders tab with disclosed network.

Hey, sorry for my late reply, totally forgot to enable notifications for this topic.

Just sent an email with screenshots.

Please let me know if you need any additional info on this issue, I'd be glad to help as much as I can!

I have similar issue

I have my Samba NAS folders mapped to the Drive Letters, Some of the SubFolders on those drives are Logical folders [Hard links] (eg. entire partition mapped to the Folder on another drive) these folders are not visible in the Similarity Folder List.


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