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Congratulations: the First Intuitive Mp3 Duplicate Detection Utility!

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Hi. Thank you very much for sharing your expertise in the software title, Similarity. As many here have praised, I too wish to commend you on your success in creating a productivity enhancing tool such as this most useful, content based , ID3 meta data-sensitive , mp3 duplicate detection utility.

I'm very impressed that, after so many years, someone has finally taken an intuitive approach to detection of files-- data which we know can exist, in our perception as a duplicate, but in binary or checksum validation will always be overlooked.

I'm so glad I found Similarity Mp3 Duplicate detection software, the world's first media library organizer utility to break the barrier between conditional logic, and human intuition!

I hope you get the credit you deserve for all the good you have done for so many music fans who suffer the frustration of a media library which seems impossible to manage for so many similar files. Thank you, sincerely.



I could not agree more. Fantastic.
One of the only unintuitive things to me, is 'when does to program actually start the scan?'.
Is it:   as soon as it loads, when sensitivity is selected, when new select folders dialog exits ?
Still not sure.
Perhaps an explicit "GO"  button  (or START/STOP) would help greatly.
Thnx again.

thanks, its begin scanning after selecting folders.

Could not agree more - this is a FANTASTIC program that has helped me weed out my collection of MP3s collected over the past ten years or so.  Never realized I had so many similar versions of the same song/album, etc.  Brilliant job in design and programming!

One question which I can't find an answer to in the forums:  use of the "sensitivity" setting.  How does increasing sensitivity (sliding to the right) or decreasing it (sliding to the left) affect how the program compares files?  Does a higher sensitivity setting locate files that are very near duplicates or files that are similar but not necessarily almost identical...or to do this should I use a lower sensitivity setting?

Thanks for any help or advice you can provide.  Again, kudos for one of the best utilities of ANY kind that I have ever run across!  A really SUPERB little tool...!

(Kelby Kite)
Dallas, TX   USA


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