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Version 0.8 released

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- visual improvements
 - user interface improvements
 - some bugs fixed
 - fixed vista uac problems (cache.dat moved to 'appdata')

You must unistall previous version before installing this version.

Release version 1.0 will be shareware, not freeware (because creating Similarity take a lot of time and I need some stimulus to do it). If you want to receive registration for free, you can help to do Similarity better by your suggestions, translations and corrections. If you interesting, write me (email address in program).

just checked new version
lack of UTF support in tags

P.S. What about custom columns display?
Tags and experimental columns always shown, even if i compare files only by content via standart algo
Also tags always compared even if i compare files only by content

That about UTF ?
Tags and content columns always shown, because in options you select that results will take, if score>0 (example, "tags and content" means if tags or content score > 0, "tags" only if tags score > 0, they give different duplicates count)
About exp.algorithm this issue fixed, redownload and reinstall program, build only changed 155, not version.


Just want to say it is a great utility. Reduced my music collection with 1000+ duplicates.



Henrik Justesen

thanks, it will be more powerfull, after sometime of course :)


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