Author Topic: License Purchase Inquiry: One-Year VS Lifetime  (Read 9541 times)


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License Purchase Inquiry: One-Year VS Lifetime
« on: November 04, 2011, 23:16:28 »
Hello, Good Sir-- developer(s) of Similarity. (I apologize, I wish I could address you by a Proper name/ Surname, but I can not locate that).
What I wish to ask, ______, follows:

Indeed, I've expressed some frustration with our inability to /sample/ the "full features" of the software, without purchasing it first. However, I believe I will "bite the bullet", and I'm going to lay my money down-- sight unseen. That is, I'm trusting the product will deliver on its promises, even under these unusual circumstance of prohibitive trails.

Enough said about that. My query:
I most certainly will not purchase a "lifetime" license, under this prohibition; without first trying the software. I believe it is reasonable, however, to expect a one-year license should be applicable to a sort of /upgrade/ to a "lifetime" license, should I (or other users) decide-- after using the additional features granted to licensee's-- I (or we) should have the option to apply the "one-year" payment toward an upgrade to a "lifetime" license.

For example, let us suppose I buy now, a one-year license. I proceed in using the software, much to my delight. After some months of such satisfied use, I decide I wish for my license not to expire annually, but to upgrade to the "lifetime" license.

I believe it is fair that I should pay for the "lifetime" license, only the difference between the initial cost of the "lifetime" license ($34.95), and that of the "one year" ($19.95) license. The difference being $15.00.

So, after purchase of a $19.95, "one-year" license, I believe it is fair that I might modify that purchase, satisfactorily upgrading to a "lifetime" license, on payment of an additional $15.00, such that my total payment for Similarity license will have been then equal to the cost of a "lifetime" license, or $34.95.

I expect this will be an acceptable negotiation, as I intend to proceed with checkout at this time. I expect I will only be satisfied, and I look forward to the promised benefit of these extended features. I trust, from the continuing improvement I've recognized through the history of the software's performance, I will not be disappointed. I am eager to proceed.

Best regards. Please acknowledge your opinion, regarding my proposal toward a potential "upgrade", including any "grace-period" or imposed restrictions, for length of time that I should commit a decision to "upgrade", or any other stipulations which my proposal may affect.

Thank you, kindly and sincerely, sir  ____ ! (blank,  because I don't know your proper name!)

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Re: License Purchase Inquiry: One-Year VS Lifetime
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2011, 18:23:07 »
Thanks for your message, we implement such upgrade in near future.