Author Topic: Version 1.6.5 released  (Read 8115 times)


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Version 1.6.5 released
« on: April 05, 2012, 09:18:13 »

Minor changes, For new features see Beta 1.7.0

  • The licensing terms has been changed.
    Now all licenses are lifetime, and limitations apply to updates only.
    Now your annual license will work with all older versions even if it expired already. It won’t work with newer versions only.
    Also an option to purchase the licensed version with lifetime subscription to updates is available to old customers only – those who purchased the program before this day.
    All old customers don’t loose anything: if they bought an annual subscription, they will be able to run all previous versions even after the subscription expires,
    while lifetime license users already has a subscription that’s not available anymore.

  • Action submenu in main menu

  • Minor fixes