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Never Mark Songs From Different Albums as Duplicates

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I have a lot of artist that have released the exact same song on multiple albums... I would like to keep one version of this from every album possible even if it is exactly the same (My music is arranged into folders that go Artist/Album/song files)

I'd like to keep every album as complete as possible (even if it means containing duplicates across albums) and just delete duplicates of a song in the same folder

You need to enable extended features of tag comparison in Options (small branch near tags method, in next version we change location of this feature to more userfriendly), check Artist and Album and set thresholds to 95%. This all means Similarity compares only files what have almost same artist and album around 95%

Maybe have a wizard that asks whether you are a completist / album collector versus a song collector. It took me a while to figure this out and to learn that this change required a restart of the scan.

My goals were to keep all FLACs in favor of MP3/MP4/OGG and to keep the albums intact. It kept marking FLAC files for deletion, so I had to rethink the scanning strategy. It would be nice to have a set of questions that would configure it right from the get go.

New version 1.8.0 can automark files via file extensions.

Why can't I find extended features of tag comparison in Options? Has it been removed or do other options disable it? I'm running Version 2.3.1 (x64) build 2340.


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