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General / Duration inconsistencies
« on: July 01, 2016, 10:26:33 »
When comparing Similarity often finds duplicates with a wrong (?) duration.
1. Abba - Waterloo - 4.17
2. Abba - Waterloo - 3.45

When you play/test both, they sound the same. Often the longer version is just a few seconds +/- than the shorter one. The Similarity player box (in this example) has a width for 4.17, but the audiospectrum and the sound stop at 3.45 - suggesting there is a lot of silence after the track. But that is not the case! When I play this 'long' version in my player (MusicBee) there is no extra silence at all.

How come the Similarity duration count (apparently?) seems incorrect? Or does MusicBee make the mistake and IS there indeed extra silence?
It makes it quite difficult to check all the duplicate pairs where only the duration is different...

General / How to make changes in the ignores list?
« on: June 22, 2016, 14:13:10 »
Is there a way to make changes in the ignores list: un-ignore tracks or completely delete them?
The most urgent reason to ask this question NOW is that I just marked around 250 files for DELETION, but instead I clicked the wrong button and IGNORED them. What to do?
Thanks, greetings,

1 It would be nice to have an extra checkbox in front of every pair or item - to make temporary subselections. Plus the option to change the color of the checked items.
2 It would be nice to have an option to see the 'ignored items' in a separate tab - for further selection or change the preference

Wishlist / Clarify and expand Automatically Mark Files options
« on: March 19, 2015, 16:17:46 »
When detecting Images:
In the 'Automatically Mark Files' box under 'general' it is not clear what the keywords actually mean:
• resolution: does it mean delete or keep the highest or the lowest resolution pix?
• size: same
• folder: not clear if the folder ranking arranged in the next tab means: top folder has top priority for deletion or for keeping
• apart from that I miss an option to specify folders that should be 'protected' by a keyword, e.g. '2015' which should mean: keep all images in the directory '2015' and its subfolders. That saves a LOT of manually ranking of subfolders.
• group: not clear what this option includes.

I suggest to simply change the text of the prioritizing labels to make their contents more clear, e.g. 'keep highest resolution' or 'delete lowest resolution'

Apart from the existing prioritizing options there are two options that I dearly miss, both for images and for audio:
• filename: keep or delete files with a certain keyword/string in their filenames
• date modified: keep or delete the file that was earlier/later modified

Wishlist / Add edit option to image files
« on: March 19, 2015, 15:46:07 »
Audio files can be edited/renamed, image files not.
Why that difference?
Sometimes I wish to delete a file, but give the name to the other file in the pair, since that name is better, more detailed or correct.
Please add the edit option for image files as well.

Wishlist / More information in status bar
« on: March 19, 2015, 09:42:53 »
Please add more statistic information in the status bar, such as:
... items marked
... items selected
... items deleted

Bugs / Selection changes when new duplicate is added
« on: March 19, 2015, 07:52:45 »
When you are manually browsing a long list of duplicates to find which one to delete, you MUST mark them first.
Just SELECTING them is not enough, if Similarity is still running and searching for new duplicates. When it finds a new pair that will be added HIGHER than the first item you had already selected, the whole selection shifts. The result is (if you do not notice the additional dupes) that you might unintentionally delete the wrong files.

Please make selections 'fixed', not influenced by new entries.

Especially for large amounts of detected duplicates from big collections (often music) it would be helpful if you could search the displayed results (by keyword, artist, location, album) to see which duplicates should be grouped together in a 'sub-selection'.
In addition to that it should be possible to (temporarily) work with this sub-selection to decide/select which items to delete, mark them, delete them - without affecting the complete amount of detected duplicates.

Please inform me if such functionality already exists: I am a newbie with Similarity and might have overlooked certain features.
No need to ask for what already exists...


General / How to keep the tracks of multi-track music together?
« on: March 18, 2015, 06:26:32 »
I have a lot of classical music and musicals. Selecting the correct duplicates for deletion seems to be complicated.
Example one:
Some of the duplicates are real identical duplicates, e.g. a symphony with 4 movements, from same composer and performed by the same artists is sometimes found on various cd's. If I find these duplicates then I want to keep all the movements from one version and delete all the movements from the other version(s). How to do that. I cannot find tools to instruct the program 'keep/protect all tracks of .... '
Example two:
Some duplicates are semi-duplicates. Three versions of a complete musical or five versions of a complete piano concerto. Even if the properties of each track are not identical (different size, duration, artist), they can still be found as 'duplicates' if the threshold is met. How to avoid deleting 1 track from version 1, another track from version 2, another from version 3?


General / Any basic help for a newbie?
« on: March 18, 2015, 06:14:00 »
Been exploring Similarity for 1 day now. Absolutely not familiar with all the pros and cons and features yet.
But my overall impression is that (after trying 5 other dupes programs) Similarity wins by FAR in terms of accurate finding.
On the other hand I still struggle a LOT with auto-marking and have the feeling that the options for accurate deleting is a lot more problematic - and more basic than other dupes programs. Especially for audio.
Are my impressions correct?
Are changes on the way to improve the deleting features/interface?

Apart from this I do not understand the function of the tags colums (title, artist, album) in the audio results view.
Usually these colums are completely empty, where I expected most tags being displayed automatically.
Only if I edit a track, the updated title, artist, album are displayed in the tags columns.
Why is it this way?
Do I do something wrong?

Thanks for help!
Be aware that more questions might follow once I explore more...


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