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Bugs / Analysis missing for FLAC for saved results
« on: July 19, 2020, 17:35:09 »
I scanned for dupes on a network share, and created analysis.
Saved results to file.
Imported results on another computer, same OS, same program version, using same drive letter, and all analysis data for all the FLAC files is missing.

Is analysis data being located in the cache or data file?

Bugs / Program and log says files deleted, but it read only
« on: July 19, 2020, 17:18:26 »
I tried deleting multiple selected images from results list on a mapped network drive that was read only, and log says file was deleted and it was removed from the results list. An error should be thrown for unsuccessful deletions or its just a waste of time if file permissions are mistakenly or temporarily read only

I compare folders across many drivers, switching back and forth quite a few often. An additional pane to have bookmarked folders to be selected quickly would be most helpful.

Function to autosize columns in results window.

Option to minimize some column data, in intrest of more screen space for meaningful comparison. Such as drop "MB" from size, "Kbit from bitrate, rounded bitrate. Also current folder and parent only for folder column.

Column for Album Artist.
Column for both file modification and creation date.
Option to show exact filesize in bytes.

Option to reload Artist, Title and most importantly file modification date if changed when opening saved results. Also show missing files highlighted.

Row color for FLAC/WAV files instead of or in addition to grid color, to eliminate Format column for more space.

An available breakdown of cache.dat or data.dat that shows number of files already scanned for a top level folder.

Support for directory junctions and folder symlinks.

Special row highlight color duplicates of equal file size

Side by side sonogram analysis for two, three or maybe for selected files of a match.

Drag and drop selected files in results to other programs

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